Twitter Blue is available globally now for $8/month


Twitter Blue is available globally now for $8/month

Twitter Blue is now available globally for $8/month, offering users a suite of premium features that are not available on the free version of the platform. The subscription service was initially launched in select countries in late 2022. But now it’s available globally for users who want to take their experience to the next level.

The premium features included in Twitter Blue are a mix of functional and aesthetic upgrades. One of the most popular features is the ability to undo tweets. Which allows users to retract a tweet before it’s been published to the public. This feature is particularly helpful for those who often tweet impulsively or make typos that they want to correct before their followers see them.

This Blue Tick also allows users to customize the app icon on their mobile device, giving them the option to choose from a range of different colors and designs. This feature is purely cosmetic but can help users differentiate their Twitter app from others on their device and make it more personalized.

Another benefit of this Blue tick is the ability to organize saved tweets into folders, making it easier to find content that you have saved for later. This is a useful feature for those who use Twitter to discover new articles, videos, and other content that they want to save for future reference.

This Blue Tick subscribers also gain access to an exclusive newsletter called “The Blue Bird,” which features curated content from top Twitter users and influencers. This newsletter is designed to help subscribers stay ahead of the curve on trending topics. Who gets the most out of their Twitter experience?

Subscription Fee

The subscription fee for Twitter Blue is $8 per month. Users can sign up directly from their Twitter account settings. While some users may be hesitant to pay for a social media platform that has traditionally been free. Twitter Blue’s suite of premium features may be worth the investment for those who use the platform frequently and want to enhance their experience.


In summary, Twitter Blue is now available globally for $8 per month and offers users a suite of premium features.  Including the ability to undo tweets, customize app icons, organize saved tweets, and access an exclusive newsletter. While the subscription fee may not be for everyone. This Blue’s tick features are designed to make the platform more functional and personalized for those who use it frequently.

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